how to sing with grit

How to Sing with Grit

How To sing, do you think it’s easy? You might have heard people say it’s a god’s gift. To my opinion, as long as you improve and develop yourself, anything and everything is more comfortable. Well, there are several types of singing, Rap, Folk, Hip-Hop, Pop Musicals, Rock, and Classical. All these types need a heavy exercise with hell lot of practice. If you are a beginner in vocals, then you might want to know the exact methodologies and skills that you should have to become an expert. Singing needs a lot of sincerity and hard work, along with some expert skills and techniques that top vocalists use.

Well, there are several kinds of singing; every singing demands various skills. Ever heard of singing with grit or distortion? It’s a kind of screaming and growling- but pretty smoothly! Yes, rock and pop vocalists use this very method to enhance their vocals and voice while singing. Grit and Distortion can be very harmful, if not practiced under expert supervision. Well, here we got some expert tips on how to sing with Grit and Distortion.So, are you ready to learn? Here we go!

How to Sing with Grit and Distortion?

Most of us love screaming. Did you know screaming can be very dangerous for you and your throat? But not when you exercise your vocal cords regularly for your rehearsals. Yes, there’s the safest way to scream- I mean to grit and distort- Check it out-

Breath with Support

No, it doesn’t mean to breathe taking wall support or chair support. You have to breathe from your lower stomach, a full deep breath. Just stand up; place your hands over your hip sides; hold and take a deep breath. Yeah, just like that! Once you have mastered your stomach breathing, you will be able to breathe with your lower stomach. You need not worry, that’s pretty simple!

Open Throat Method

Don’t compress your voice, or deepen it. Just sing like no one is watching you. Some people tend to sing low due to shyness, or being in a crowd. No, you are going to be singing in future; you must not low down your voice, instead, have that guts and sing high. Distorting is simple, but before you step into distortion or grit, sound clean and bright. This applies for all those beginner vocalists out there, not just the rock and pop ones.

Know the degrees of distortion

Another important step that you need to count in. Before you start gritting or distorting, make sure that you know the levels of it. Trust me, starting from a high pitch can make your throat worse for several days. Start low, then higher a bit, then again go high, and now bring out your real voice. This will overwhelm your audience.

Be hydrated

Not just your body and skin need to be hydrated, even your vocal cords need the water treatment. Drink plenty of warm water to make your throat clean and smooth. Say no to alcohol, soda, carbonated drinks or acidic drinks.


Finally! We are ready with grit and distorted voice. All the tips one side and all your heavy exercises another side, together will make you sound harmonious, clean and fresh. Practice and techniques will make you a perfect vocalist.

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